The Russo Neuromuscular Massage Center is a locally owned and operated Rhode Island business that has been serving the community for years.

Our center specializes in neuromuscular therapy which is a highly-specialized form of manual therapy that corrects pain and dysfunction by treating trigger points, muscle adhesions, and myofascial (connective tissue) patterns. These trigger points, adhesions and fascial patterns can form due to specific traumas, car accidents, injuries, postural pattern, or series of repetitive movements. Neuromuscular Therapy sessions utilize precise treatment protocols to correct these patterns by releasing tight fascia, palpating and decreasing trigger points in tight bands of muscle and releasing areas of restricted muscle in an effective and efficient manner. The primary area of pain and surrounding musculature and myofascial connective tissue are affected by poor biomechanics and compensation patterns which are treated using these protocols.

We also accept motor vehicle accidents, personal injury cases, and Workmen's Compensation injury cases.

In addition to neuromuscular therapy, our office offers deep tissue massage, sports massage, cranial sacral therapy, pregnancy massage, and Swedish massage treatment options.

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